Online Reputation Management

By default, the Internet is the first stop for anything, including your business and your government. People are saying things about your brand irrespective of whether you maintain an online presence. We help brands manage and shape their reputation by influencing online information about them. Your online reputation is how others see you when they search for you online. We understand the convergence of the online and offline spheres, and we help clients straddle the two aisles as one.

Our first step to Online Reputation Management for our clients is a careful Online Reputation Healthcheck Process. One area we support our clients best with online reputation management is our investment into Social Listening tools. Indeed, Social Listening is an essential part of our online reputation management support service to our clients as it helps us feel the online pulse and know what is said about them. For this, Chain Reactions invests in a bouquet of tools. Our work is focused on ensuring that the clients in our care get the correct type of Social Listening Mechanics to realign their engagement tactics appropriately. This also enables us to nip a crisis in the bud by resolving issues in a timely fashion.  Our unique tools for Online Reputation Management ensures that we focus on the right type of conversation and engagement.

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