CSR and Purpose Communication

At Chain Reactions Africa, we help our clients ensure they own their unique share of influence in society as they make Corporate Social investments and commit to various initiatives. This is the dispensation of PURPOSE. Purpose is the new digital. Belief in purpose will change the commercial dynamics of brands the same way that digital has changed the way we buy, do business and communicate. Purpose is the new normal. There are two things we now help our clients do. The first is to help them define their purpose – why they exist. The second is to renew their commitment to being purposeful. We also support them with robust communications and social reporting to create an emotional connection with stakeholders. Since we understand the pulse and pains of Africa, we help our clients define market-relevant purposes to keep them connected to the people. More often than not, when purpose is found, even sponsorship direction and CSR become defined. We help our clients put their money where their purpose is!

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