Nigerian Youth Futures Report 2022

The Youth Futures 2022 is a collaborative effort between Chain Reactions and TINK Africa.

Chain Reactions is a next-generation, Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Consultancy based in Nigeria. Its clientele includes blue-chip multinationals (Spotify, GE, Meta) and top-tier local brands (Oando, First Bank, Grenadines Homes).

TINK is a consumer intelligence platform that focuses on youth lifestyle and pop culture. It investigates emerging trends and behaviors among tweens, teens and young adults.

The Youth Futures (Nigeria Edition) report is geared towards inspiring brands and businesses that are looking to understand the underlying meaning and context behind the trends that drive influence, virality, purchase, and connection among Gen Y and Gen Z. It will also help prepare them for changes in evolving cultural phenomenon and consumer lifestyles, and stimulate the development of bespoke ideas and solutions that will make youths naturally gravitate towards them.