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Reckitt Benckiser

Project Description

Mortein Anti-Malaria Campaign

Dates of Project

January 2012-Date

Client Contact

Mr. Kashyap Sanjay, Mark, MD; Ms. Kemi Saliu, Category Manager (Home & Hygiene)

Client Need/ Objective

Client had a need to own and attain market leadership of the insecticide segment through its brand, Mortein. It sought to leverage on the annual World Malaria Day, commemorated on April 25 of every year, to communicate the key benefits of Mortein to target consumers.

The tactical initiatives involved striking a partnership between Reckitt Benckiser/Mortein and the Lagos State Government; partnership with the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) as well as a subtle Celebrity Endorsement.

CRN Insight/ Innovation

CRN leveraged its long standing relationship with the Lagos State Government by brokering a partnership for Reckitt.

We also facilitated the signing of a MOU between Reckitt Benckiser/Mortein and NANNM.

CRN Response/ Deliverables

In addition, we facilitated the appointment of popular singer, Omawumi Megbele as the Spokesperson for the Mortein Voices Against Malaria Campaign as well as her tour of Nairobi and Kenya.

The partnership resulted in the first ever courtesy visit to the Deputy Governor of Lagos State by Reckitt Benckiser`s top Management; Mortein`s exclusive access to carry out activation of the `Voices Against Malaria` during ante natal sessions at the state-owned hospitals. Mortein was equally positioned as a `protection brand`.

Aside this, CRN leveraged its extensive relationship with the Nigerian media to provide wide publicity for the series of activities lined up to commemorate the WMD.


Mortein and indeed Reckitt Benckiser gained significant Share of Voice and Top of Mind Awareness as a result of the interventions that we provided. This has helped the brand to consolidate its leader ship of the protection segment. The total PR value of the media coverage that we generated was N16 million as against the N7 million approved by Client.

The Kenyan Health Ministry made a request for the campaign to return to Kenya.



PR SPARC advocacy conference in Nigeria.

I just want to let you know that I received the Media Monitoring booklet this week, and my entire team and organisation loved it! We were very impressed with the personalised booklet we received as it was above and beyond what we had expected (we especially loved the cover!). We really appreciate all of the help that you and your team provided to make the SPARC Forum a great success.  

So thanks again for all of your support; we will be sure to keep in touch if we have any other PR needs the next time we are in Nigeria.

Kind regards.

from MIRIAM KIRUBEL; Program Assistant, Africa Vital Voices Global Partnership.

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